Update Product Option Stock

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Update Product Option Stock


User can update quantity and price and weight of a product's option value by making a HTTP GET Request on the following URL.

YOUR_STORE_URL_ON_KARTROCKET.'index.php?route=feed/web_api/optionstock&key='.WEB_API_KEY. '&sku='.PRODUCT_SKU.


http://test.kartrocket.co/index.php?route=feed/web_api/ optionstock &key=1234XYZ&sku=SKU01&option_sku=OPTIONSKU01&qty=10&price=999&weight=1;


Successful request:
   "message":"Product with SKU : PRODUCT_OPTION_SKU has been updated."

Failed request: 
   "success": false,
   "message":"Respective Error Message."

Parameters Description

key : API Key provided by KartRocket.(Required)

sku : Product SKU in KartRocket system. (Required)

option_sku : Product option SKU in KartRocket system. (Required)

qty : New quantity of product. (Optional)

price : New price of product. (Optional)

weight : New weight of product. (Optional)