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Add Order


User can create order by sending a HTTP POST Request on the following URL.



Following is the JSON data format to be posted on above URL.

$params is the array consisting JSON data to create order. Index ‘data’ is critical for the system.

$params[‘data’] = {
   "import_order_id":"1234567890", #Reference Order Id, Not Required. 
   "channel_id":"X",   #Integer. To be used only in case you are a market place. Contact Kartrocket for channel IDs.
   "address_1":"Address Line 1",
   "address_2":" Address Line 2",
   "city":"Shipment City",
   "postcode":" Shipment Postcode",
   "state":" Shipment State ",
   "telephone":"98XXXXXXXX", #Ten digit only.
   "mobile":"98XXXXXXXX", #Required. Ten digit only.
   "fax":"98XXXXXXXX ", #Ten digit only.
   "payment_method":" Payment Method",  #Payment Method text.
   "payment_code":"Payment Code",   # In case of Cash on Delivery order, the value here should be 'cod' else anything.
   "shipping_method":"Shipment Method", #Shipment Method text.
   "shipping_code":"Shipment Code",  # Free text.
   "order_status_id":"1", #Check Appendix:Order Status Codes.
         "name":"Apple iPhone 4Sx",
         "name":"Apple iPhone 4C",
   "weight_unit":"kg",   #Accepted Values : kg,g 


If your request was successful and order was created.
      "status":"Order created successfully",
If your request was unsuccessful because of some error or data problem.
   "error":"Respective Error Message."

Parameters Description

key : API Key provided by KartRocket.(Required)

Sample File

[View Sample on Github]


Order Status Codes
Code Description
1 Pending
3 Shipped
5 Complete
7 Canceled
10 ePayment Failed
17 COD Confirmed
18 Ready for Dispatch
19 ePayment Received
20 Returned
21 Cancelled Against New
22 RTO Initiated-Logistics Partner
23 RTO Initiated-Customer
24 RTO Received-Logisitics Partner
25 RTO Received-Customer
26 Lost/Stolen
27 Delivered
28 Pick Up Generated